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I believe "Great food like great art will be appreciated and remembered." This is why I make sure the flavors of every meal are intense and memorable.  We use only  the highest quality ingredients and then we take our time to create culinary masterpieces for you.

Our services are perfect for:
  • Small to Medium Size Company Events
  • Brunch buffets
  • Luncheons
  • Receptions
  • Dinner Parties, Large & Small

If you enjoy cooking or want to give a unique gift experience, we offer cooking classes for adults  and JR. Chef programs for kids from 6 to 16. We also offer team building events through NC San Diego Cooking Classes and gift certificates are available. 

If you would like to see pictures from recent local events, as well as pictures of our most popular menu items, go to the flickr link below:

 Welcome to Artful Chefs
Chef Pharrell / Exec Chef 
760-419-4609 0r 760-637-1103 
Email: SD1Chef@gmail.com
We proudly offer Military Discounts to all
active personnel and their families. 

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Bridal Shower Events
Bridal Shower Events
Bridal Shower EventsBridal Shower EventsBridal Shower Events
Bridal Shower Events
Chef Pharrell/ Exec Chef 
760-419-4609 0r 760-637-1103 
More great news...
We are currently working to combine all three culinary arts companies into one company called Artful Chefs. We will be featuring an easy to use calendaring system to register for classes in our commercial kitchen and mobile cooking classes/ events. The date for completion is set for July 31st 2014, so check back with us then to see what's new. ​